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Program Duration: 1 year

The medium of instruction: Russian/English

Intensive language course with 7 subjects. All students obtain state Certificate of Completion. Students of pre-study russian language course obtain Certificate, that gives possibility to study in russian medium at ukrainian universities.


Invitation for Study letter - one-time payment $100
DHL Delivery Charges - one-time payment $100
Tuition Fee per program (Russian/English) $1200/1400
Medical Insurance per 1.5 years - one-time payment $200
Accomodation to university hostel (depends on rennovation) per year $400-750
Registration procedure and temporary residence permit card for 1,5 year - one-time payment $100
Pick up at airport, transfer to university, settlement to hostel/apartment - one-time payment $100
Ukrainian full medical examination $100
Personal agent services for all period of education - one-time payment $400
Total amount $2700/2900


Scientific Enterprise "ASTRON" is officially registered and authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. You can be sure about legality and safety of our services.


*All payments, except expenses for Invitation for Study and DHL delivery, are made on arriving to University.

** Some payments may be done by parts.

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